In order to meet the unique needs of every student and educator, the Miami County Educational Service Center relies on a sophisticated and intricate budget. Tasked with managing and maintaining this budget is the Treasurer's department and leading this division is Miami County ESC Treasurer, Cindy Hale. 

All operations of a major educational organization, large and small, are in some part reliant on finances, and the Miami County ESC is no different. From communicating costs of services to partner districts, to purchase orders for materials, to investments of funds, to payroll processing, and much more, the Treasurer and her department influences all facets of operations at the Miami County ESC.

In addition, the Treasurer functions as the secretary during board of education meetings. She records board meeting minutes as well as files and certifies board documents.


Cindy Hale
(937) 339-5100 EXT. 1331

Carol Chin
Assistant Treasurer
(937) 339-5100 ext. 1333

Annie Layman
Assistant to the Treasurer
(937) 339-5100 ext. 1332

Cost of Services (O.R.C. 3313.843(F)