David Larson

A Message from Mr. David Larson

Welcome to the Miami County Educational Service Center (ESC)located in Troy Ohio. We provide collaborative support in the areas of special education services, related services of occupational therapy and speech language pathology, preschool programming, and professional development opportunities.  The Miami County ESC support our partner districts to serve over 15,000 students. We are committed to providing high quality support to the districts we assist in order to make the educational experience of every child as meaningful as possible.

 Relationships with students, parents/caregivers, staff, and partner districts are very important to us.  We strive to be responsive to district needs and deliver cost-effective solutions. The Miami County ESC also prioritizes the importance of being a leader among Miami County schools by identifying opportunities and resources to meet the needs of students and staff.  We also partner with neighboring Educational Service Centers to form cooperatives that support our schools. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information about the Miami County ESC.   

Yours in Education,

David Larson
Miami County Educational Service Center
(937) 339-5100