“Literacy skills lay the foundation upon which every individual’s education rests. When a learner receives the necessary tools to develop strong language and literacy skills, he or she becomes able to achieve personal autonomy and pursue aspirations.”

--Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement, January 2020

Improving literacy skills will also improve…academic achievement in all subjects, attendance, behavior, graduation rates, employability, earning potential, community involvement, life expectancy, self-confidence, and self-esteem…all leading to happier, healthier lives. Literacy is for life!

The Miami County ESC Literacy Team MISSION is to improve language and literacy outcomes for all students in Miami County by supporting each district in developing and implementing a successful literacy framework.

Our team VISION is to build the capacity of our districts, schools, teams, and educators to create and refine a responsive multi-tiered system of supports for literacy to ensure that each and every Miami County student develops and maintains strong literacy skills for life.


Literacy Resources

Parent / Caregiver Resources

ODE's K-3 Introduction to Dyslexia Course Resources

Literacy services include:

  • Systems Coaching for Literacy

  • Instructional Coaching

  • Conducting a Comprehensive Needs Assessment

  • Developing a Literacy Plan

  • Developing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Literacy

  • Reading Tiered Fidelity Inventory (R-TFI) Facilitation

  • Curriculum Review and Selection

  • Assessment Plan Development

  • Literacy Team Formation and Development

  • Instructional Audits

  • Implementation Monitoring and Support

  • Dyslexia Certification Pathway Development

  • Professional Development including but not limited to:

    • ODE’s K-3 Dyslexia Course Facilitation

    • ODE’s 4-12 Grade Intervention Specialist Dyslexia Course Facilitation Coming Soon

    • Acadience Administration and Data Interpretation

    • Science of Reading Foundations

    • Structured Literacy

    • Dyslexia and the identifying characteristics of dyslexia

    • Using Data to Support Instruction

    • Instructional Strategies for Word Recognition, Language Comprehension, Fluency, and

    • Comprehending Grade-Level Texts

    • Improvement Cycles

    • Intensifying Literacy Instruction

    • Explicit Instruction

    • Leadership Development for Systemic Improvement

    • Assessment Literacy

  • And more…Please call to discuss your districts specific needs.


Heather Sage
Literacy Coordinator
(937) 339-5100 x 1341