Social, Behavioral, & Academic (SBA) Support Services

SBA consultants support students in identifying, understanding and managing social, emotional, behavioral and/or academic challenges, help students develop skills to meet daily needs, promote healthy decision making and assist districts in supporting student needs through Tier I and Tier II social, emotional learning interventions.


  • Individual student instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • Classroom/Teacher support
  • Parent/Family support
  • Crisis intervention support
  • Observations, goal setting, data collection
  • Assist in developing positive behavior intervention strategies/plans
  • Consult with district personnel, parents, community agencies, and OT/PT/SLP
  • Attend school, parent and community meetings
  • Liaison/Case management support for districts, students and families
  • Coordinate resources and professional development opportunities for families and educators


Vicki Kaesler
SBA Coordinator

Robin Reed 
Secretary / Receptionist


(937) 339-5100