The Resident Educator Program is the final step in a continuum of preparatory experiences that begins with college or university study, a supervised student teaching experience, and obtaining a Resident Educator License. Our goal is to provide beginning teachers with a seamless transition from pre-service education to in-service education and the advancement to a Five Year Professional License.

All Miami County resident educators who are registered by their local school district are able to participate in the Miami County Educational Service Center’s Resident Educator Program. In order to make this experience as meaningful as possible, it is important for everyone who plays a role in the preparation of new teachers to be focused on the same goal. University faculty members, university advisors, student teacher supervisors, cooperating teachers, principals, mentors, and district supervisors must coordinate their efforts in order to provide the best experience possible for new teachers. Our shared focus is to prepare professional teachers who are knowledgeable and skilled in basic teaching behaviors as defined by Ohio’s Standards for the Teaching Profession.


Mary Ann Morgret
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
(937) 339-5100 x 1341